A book project that describes the life and work of the famous jazz musician Miles Davis. His life's story is told through a series of collages from his birth all the way to his death in 1991. The technique of collaging was chosen due to its rhythmical and visually musical qualities.
Fragments is an ongoing photographic documentation about surfaces and objects. I am interested in the transformational force of time that alters man made objects in regards to legibility, meaning as well as composition. There is poetic beauty in decay, in the ugly and everday neglected. Crumbled, scratched and painted over objects, walls and buildings convey hidden, abstract messages, some of them erased or barely left readable by the course of time. I am interested in those very stories that border on the illegible and the banal and yet each captured time piece represents a work of art.
A collection of photographs taken from all around the world. From sleeping homeless people in New York City all the way to forgotten mannequins in Munich, this collection encompasses many themes that have been inspiring to me in their tragedy, uglyness or beauty over the years.
These aerial photographs were taken on numerous flights in small plane aircraft around the world. Many of the images show the beauty of organic patterns in nature seen from above, combined with mankind's forcefulness in shaping the earth in his own ways. After all, destruction and creation are separated by a fine line.

Many thanks go to Martin Schilt without him these photographs would have not been possible.
A selection of paintings and drawings that were created over the years.